Holiday Camp

Holiday Camp

Location:  Asker International School, Johan Drengsruds vei 60, 1383 Asker

Duration: June 24 – 28  Time: 09.30 AM – 02.00 PM

Age: 8-13 Years

Price: 2750 NOK(Earlybird offer: 2500 NOK For First 8 Registration)


*Students need to bring their own Tablet For Sphero and Drone Programming

*Registration is binding and Faktura will be auto-generated.

*We need a minimum of 10 students otherwise money will be refunded.

*Students need to bring their own lunch and snacks

What Your Child Will Be Doing ?


 Sphero Programming

Using sphero programming, students learn the basics of controlling a robot using appropriate commands. They will then write programs to navigate the sphero automatically through different mazes.

3D Printing

In 3D printing, students will be introduced how to visualize an object in 3 dimensional, how to design objects step by step using appropriate tools and get them printed!


AR/VR Programming

Students are obsessed with AR and VR these days. And so are we! We will be showing them how to build their own augmented and virtual reality world using simple software.

Drone Programming

Its summer time and we are going to have some fun outside drone flying. Students will be taught how to control a drone using programming and race each other through obstacle course.


Building Microbit Enabled Vehicles

Build a Microbit controlled car – Our trainers will be doing a group activity showing students how to integrate software with hardware by building a microbit controlled vehicles.

Extra perks

Design thinking challenges
Kahoot quizzes everyday on different topics
Breaks will be filled with board games emphasizing creativity, problem solving and collaboration
Scratch and python challenges

Demo Day

On the last day of the camp, Parents are welcome to join us for a presentation where students demonstrate their projects on stage. This gives them an wonderful opportunity to explain their creativity, design thinking and presentation skills