Introduction To Robotics Programming

Coderz will begin to learn the fundamentals of programming using Robotics. They practice giving commands to the robots using blocks-based programming to work on game based coding challenges and projects. Using age appropriate tools such as BeeBot, Sphero and Ozobot, they learn the basics of mathematical problem solving and computational thinking skills.

Scratch Programming

Coderz will be introduced into the world of programming using Scratch, a powerful drag and drop tool developed by MIT. They start learning powerful programming basics like variables, conditions, repetations, assignments by using coloured blocks. A perfect way to start coding even without realising.They will be making their own art,animation, stories and game projects.

Scratch Game Programming

Coderz will began make advanced games using Scratch. Scratch is simple yet powerful. Student learn to create various stages for different stages of the game, keeping scores, keeping time, broadcasting, sprite creation, animation, gameplay and more.They will be developing games like Slime splash, Hungry Sharks, Catch the Pizzas, Flappy Bird, Space Invaders etc.,

Scratch Extension Game Programming

Coderz will learn how to integrate Scratch with real world and brinf their creations to life. Using exciting physical hardwares such as Makey Makey and Kinect they will be making fun and exciting projects like DIY Piano, Cookie Theft Alarm, Kinetic Pong, Pico Games, Game Controllers etc. Students learn to play, test and troubleshoot in the process.

2D Game Programming

Coderz will build fully functional 2D games using a powerful HTML5 game creator by just dragging and dropping objects around, adding behaviors to them and make everything come alive with events. They will be publishing their games on a broad selection of platforms for their friends and family to play.

3D Game Programming

Coderz will design and code their own 3D Game that looks like the ones they’d want to play! They’ll use Unity®, an industry-standard Game Engine, used to create Temple Run®, Pokémon Go®, and Myst®. and C#, a professional programming language, to build and code your game from scratch and also learn essential design principles as they lay out and design their 3D Environment.

App Inventor

Coderz will learn to design and develop simple mobile applications using a development platform that makes it easy to build apps with a drag-and-drop interface. The goal of this course is to provide a foundation for mobile app creation. They will be making their own games like Whack a Mole, Brick Breaker, Tilt Maze etc. They will also build apps like PaintBots, Trip to Paris, Photobooth, Presidential Quiz etc.

Swift Programming

Coderz will learn the power of Swift, an intuitive programming language for iOS which is used to create world-class apps for the App Store. Students will solve a series of puzzle through engaging lessons and challenges not realising that they have learnt commands, function, parameters, loops, conditions, variables, operators – all that you need to develop your own app.

Web Programming

Coderz will be introduced to web programming to understand the powers of Internet. Students start with static web programming by structuring web content in HTML and styling in CSS. They then move on to learning fundamental computer science concepts using JavaScript to create interactive webpages. Through creating dynamic web applications using JavaScript, students visually explore and experience each line of code to firmly grasp key computer science concepts.

Python Turtle Programming

This course introduces the basics of Python, one of the most commonly used languages today powering popular applications like Dropbox, YouTube and more. Coderz begin with visual drag and drop tool to create some amazing artworks.

Python Game Programming

Start using Python, Coderz will be program a series of fun games and rewarding code challenges to deepen their understanding of coding concepts, laying a solid foundation for more complex applications of Python at higher levels.

JavaScript Game Programming

Coderz will unleash the power of JavaScript by learning to develop games using JavaScript’s popular libraries. JavaScript is the best way to get a solid knowledge of web game development. After that, students can pick any framework they like and use it for theirprojects. We will exploring some of the very popular framework so that students can adapt to what seems interesting to them.

Java Processing

Coderz in this course learn to code in Processing, a Java-based software tool that serves as a gentle introduction to type-based coding languages. Through creating visual coding sketches, students produce amazing graphic arts and explore new opportunities to utilize computational power across disciplines.

Java Game Programming

Coderz are introduced to Object Oriented Programming here. Students will be developing games on Java development environment with visualisation tools built into it, which allow easy development of Java simulations and games. Through game development in Java, students learn all about Classes, Object, Inheritence, Encaplusation, Polymorphism even without realising.

Augmented Reality based Game Programming

Coderz will create their own augmented reality games from scratch with Unity 5. This course will take them on a journey through building a location-based AR game similar to Pokemon Go that addresses the core technical concepts: GIS fundamentals, mobile device GPS, mapping, map textures in Unity, mobile device camera, camera textures in Unity, accessing location-based services, and other useful Unity concepts.

Virtual Reality Programming

Coderz will learn to use Unity to develop VR applications with devices such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. students will be building a range of VR experiences with fun and interesting projects. They will be gaining experience with Unity components and become ace in programming with the C# language.

Microbit Programming

Coderz will be making games on their micro:bit taking coding and gaming to a whole new level. Students will be using both Touch Develop and Block to recreate some of the very popular games like Meteorite, Line of Fire, Minesweeper, Pong etc.

Raspberry Pi Programming

Coderz will learn all about hardware and integrating them with already learnt software in this course. They will be using Raspberry Pi along with Sense HAT, Pi Camera and Sonic Pi to create interesting projects like Pixel Pet, The big Minecraft piano, Minecraft Photobooth and SLUGI.

Micro-Computing (1)