Why YoungCoderz?

All we want to do is create that spark in student’s curiosity to explore today’s technologies by creating games & apps rather than consuming and help them innovate their own future.

In today’s world of open-source technologies, the choices are heaps beyond to explore. All we provide is a helping hand to walk them together with choices that best suits their interests.

Our game based learning curriculum not only makes exploring technologies fun and playful but also engaging and simulating. Along the way of making their own games & apps using different technologies, we implant core programming skills, computational thinking, digital problem solving, creativity and that spark to keep pursuing new upcoming technologies all along their learning years.

Work with us

Are you passionate about working with children and do you love technology and design?

Young Coderz is looking for people like you. You should be someone who wants not just a job, but someone who truly believes that every child’s dreams matter and that we can shape their future. Apply for a position today and join a growing community that will unlock the gift that’s within you.